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Protect Your Windows 8 Os Preview etc with anti virus / internet security


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Recently posted this in one of my blog and thought sharing with everyone here will be a very wise decision
As operating System Vendor upgrades from time to time  malicious code (virus , malware , etc) master-minders keep optimizing their  codes for maximum attack which will definitely override any default security measure put in place by operating system vendors which makes an alternate security System (anti virus, internet security , total security , anti- malware, firewalls & anti -phishing) a must for every computer system user including Microsoft  Windrows which is the base for this short Article.

Microsoft Released the latest Operating system Windows 8 which was initially released to the public for free (Microsoft windows8 Customer Preview ) Lacking necessary software support from vendors (including anti-virus producers ) who were yet to upgrade as at the time of it's lunch.

As a matter of recommendation I will advice users who are still trying the Customer preview version of windows 8 to rather opt for free anti-virus programs like the highly rated Avast free anti-virus or it's nearest competitor Avg  and Avira

I personally recommend avast free anti-virus  Because it's security is second to none The latest windows 8 compatible avast software 7  features Cloud-based file reputation service and streamlined updates, together with enhanced configuration for automatically sandboxing a suspicious program, and the remote assistance feature make for the highlights of the latest major release.

Also new to the  avast 7 free antivirus is some incipient form of central management for all avast! installations. At the moment, the service only allows you to view information, and no modifications can be applied. However, this will permit you to check the security status and the activity log of the suite on multiple machines.

The new version of avast! comes with a fresh installer that allows you to integrate it into your system as a second line of defense for an already available security product. The interface went through slight modifications.

You can check on the protection state at a glance in the Current Status panel. It offers details about the status of real-time shields, definition updates or the expiration date of the program.

    The same real-time shields protect your system, with the menu showing the status and activity for all of them: file system, mail, web, P2P, IM, network, script and behavioral analysis. For each of them, there are graphs displaying the traffic and amount of items and events analyzed, as well as the number of infections detected In a "nutshell" you can say that the free version of avast 7 features

    The On Access Scanner scans all files being opened, read and written in real time. It also includes a behaviour blocker for analysing and preventing any unusual behaviour that may originate from a virus.
    If you think a virus has infected your PC, simply run the On Demand Scanner selecting exactly which drive(s) and files to scan.
    Its Email Scanner integrates directly with many email clients, and checks incoming and outgoing messages for infection. It takes a heuristic approach to virus prevention, learning from experience.
    The latest Avast! 7 ships with cloud-based scanning, feeding you with the very latest definition updates, real-time.
    . The features (cons) are so numerous that we even forget completely the little disadvantages that comes with it in lower versions of Microsoft windows .

If you are a premium windows users who needs total protection for his Microsoft Windows Operating System , files, personal document and complete online security then your best bet for your $$$$$$$$$ (money 59$) will for sure be my only choice of Internet Security For any user who Values his money and needs complete security for his system. I'm talking about Kaspersky Internet Security that has for years stood the test of time and will definitely serve you well as :
Anti-virus - Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 has a solid set of antispyware tools included. The program was able to block 85% of pop-ups, removed spyware installations and automatically disables links to known malware sites. Kaspersky's suite also scans your system for vulnerabilities automatically - something we feel makes it an excellent choice for spyware control.
Firewall - The Kaspersky firewall is easy to use without compromising on power. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 allows users to configure filtering for specific ports and types of data. Despite multiple attacks on our testing computer, Kaspersky was able to block our attempts to reach both the targeted machine as well as other computers on our network. Recent updates to the software suite also include protection of Wi-Fi and VPN connections.
Parental controls - Included in the security suite, which is a plus since many security software vendors are still making this feature an optional download. These controls allow for three different levels of access and can restrict usage during specified hours. Few other internet security worthy of mention is Avast Internet Security and Bitdefender Internet Security which are also very much affordable .

I would have written more on how Kaspersky For Macintosh (kav/kis for mac) can protect user of apple award Winning operating system but I will recommend you read more review from kaspersky official website Including the award winning Kaspersky mobile Security you can use for your android phones & other smartphone operating system listed on their site


please where can i download the avast and key to activate it...


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promise2020 said:
please where can i download the avast and key to activate it...
you can download avast from http://www.avast.com
then use any of this serial numbers to activate it


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