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proven method to use mtn bis on android devices


De Travel Guru
You need a rooted Android 2.1+ phone to make this work.
Must have an active BIS connection
Goto Android Market now known as Play Store search for "DroidVPN"
Droidvpn is from the developers of "Pd Proxy" Guess u all know Pd Proxy?
Download the app and install on ur phone, then register an account from here

You will use the account u register to sign into ur Droidvpn app.
Press Option in the Droidvpn menu and click on settings => Change Connection Protocol to ICMP
In Droidvpn settings goto where u see "BusyBox Path" click and select where u put ur busybox when u rooted the phone; mine is in /system/xbin/
Configure ur phone network browsing Apn to blackberry.net
Lanch Droidvpn sign in and click on start, once u see a green icon on ur notification status bar it has connected; minimize it and start any app u have viola just like magic u see ur bis working on android.

more info: You can use their free demo server account with a data cap of 100Mb daily or better still upgrade to premium user so to use it unlimitedly.

You can also use this Droidvpn to give ur PC and other device internet access from ur phone via "Usb Tether", Bluetooth Tethering and Wifi hotspot.