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Quick Bypass those annoying url shortening services


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As annoying as it might look most bloggers including me can at times value the earning potential of their blog more than the satisfaction of the readers . Consider for a while the beauty of the internet if all add - serving services (google adwords , bidvertizers, adbrite , addynamo ect) are completely disabled for a while , think about how much time and bandwidth that will save the populate who depends on the internet for up-to date information , the question now is who provides fund for the content creators (blog & forum owners) that explains the reason while you have so many adds in majority of sites today , in fact there was a particular time wikipedia resorted to using ads on their popular encyclopedia site wikipedia.org  .

Now we can't stop the ads as already stated but we can still try to control / stop those extremely annoying ones like the forced pop-ups , forced waiting time, forced toolbar download , adsense etc with the help of browser plugins like the "adblock plus " , greasemonkey , scriptish, AdsFight , Ads Skipper etc .

Over the years plugins has proven to be very effective for stopping adverts from popular adserving networks like google , facebook etc but as paid link shortening service becomes more popular many bloggers and forum users are becoming very interested in it which explains while you see many bloggers using them .

Popular paid url shortening services includes & not limited to :









Now the question is how can we stop adf.ly, linkbucks.com,http://tubeviral.com,http://adfoc.us,http://q.gs,http://9.bb,http://u.bb,http://j.js etc. from displaying those waiting time before allowing us access a link ==> read below for the antidote .:

Use this two already popular and working services to prevent them from showing up

1. Dead.ly

a. Visit their site by clicking this very direct link (leave the tab open in case of any need for it arises )

b. Now when you get to the site you know that it's linked to any of them just ==> right click on the link and "copy link location"

c. paste it in the open box and hit "Deadfly"


2. Ad bypass

Just visit their site here and repeat the above steps

Initially I thought this was as good as waiting for the 5-10secs but when I started skipping them for fun I discovered they save little time anyway .