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Quick troubleshooting tips for glo / airtel bis cheat users


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I wanna be updating this thread with troubleshooting tips after I tried subscribing to glo blackberry 3gb pc stuff again and have difficulties 'cos it's already crowded . you can add yours along too

If you are having problems /difficulties subscribing to the glo comonth by sending "comonth" to 777

try dialing *777*12*

If you are having problems /difficulties subscribing to airtel bcm by sending "bcm" to 440
try dialing *440*4#

If you are having difficulties sending message on your modem with glo sim try changing the message center number by going to ==> tools ==> options ==> text message and edit the message center number with
as seen in the pix

If you happen to exhaust your airtel Igb data cab before month end and have difficulties subscribing again just send "deactivate" as an sms to 440

drop any question and tips here as the thread continues


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to stop glo bis connection disconnecting frequently ping google or any other lite site in this format ping google.com -t