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Setup guide for newbies "Start google adsense in less than 10 minutes"


Active Techie
A Step-By-Step Guide
You can be up and running with AdSense in just minutes. Sure, you?ll need a
bit more time if you want to use all of the advanced strategies and
techniques I discuss in the rest of this book, but you don?t have to wait until
you?ve figured everything out before you can start earning with AdSense.
Remember, every minute that your site isn?t showing online or isn?t showing
ads, you?re tossing money down the drain.
If you don?t have a site yet, or if you?re not showing ads on your site, before
you move on to the rest of this book, follow one of these guides. You?ll be
amazed at how easy it is to start making money with ads!

Building A Blog
Blogging is probably the easiest way to get online with AdSense fast. The
sites are already online, you don?t have to worry about graphics and the
domains all set up.
All you have to do is sign up, write and earn!
Step 1: Surf to www.blogger.com
Complete the registration page, choose a name for your blog and pick a
Step 2: Apply For AdSense Through Blogger
Another form, another two minutes. It will take a day or two before your
application is approved. In the meantime, you can play with Blogger?s
AdSense preview tool, and...
Step 3: Write Your First Blog Entry
Not sure what to write? Start with your family, spout off about a story in the
news, put up pictures for your friends to see... it doesn?t matter. Everyone
has something that occupies their mind, that interests them or that they?re
good at. Put up anything. You can change it later but for now just get in the
habit of writing to the Web. Once you?ve done it once you?ll see how easy it
can be ? and how addictive.
Step 4: Play With Your Ads
Once AdSense has approved your application, you?ll be able to start playing
with your ads. You can change the colors, fix the font size, remove the
border and move them into the sidebar if you wish. You can get everything
geared up and ready for...
Step 5: Bring In The Traffic
It?s taken you minutes to get your site set up. Now you have to let people
know you?re online. Chapter 20 will tell you how to bring in the traffic but for
now you can start by telling your friends, swapping links with your favorite
sites and submitting your site to the search engines. Hold off on the paid
advertising though until you?ve got enough content to make it worthwhile.
You?re rolling!