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Share your Aliexpress 11.11 Shopping Checklist


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Hello, I'd like us to do something fun while waiting for the Aliexpress 11.11 sales, which is just a few days away. Use this thread to share your Aliexpress 11.11 shopping checklist. Hereunder are the few things I'd be getting for my friends and siblings in the upcoming promo sales.

1. LONPOO New 9 Inch Portable DVD Player

LONPOO New 9 Inch Portable DVD Player is a portable DVD player with over 3 hours play-time, VCD, MP3, Swivel Screen, and game-play support. It's sure going to be a nice gift for someone special this holiday.

2. Excelvan 10.1 inch Portable DVD Player


Excelvan 10.1 inch Portable DVD Player is a superb DVD player with TFT LCD Screen, Multimedia DVD Player, and Built-in 5000mAh Battery with Support for AV Max 32G USB.

3. Rocketek 150/300/600Mbps Wireless USB WiFi adapter

4. Original Xiaomi Redmi 7A Smartphone

This is hands down the best smartphone you can find in the 80 100 USD range. It's even cheaper with their 11.11 sales come this November.


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I will be buying a new VR set this 11.11 sales. I don't have an exact one in mind though.

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