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Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted Novel Synopsis

Being the pack defect is bad enough. Getting REJECTED? By your own fated mate?
Yeah. THAT is a whole new level of low.
Ava Grey is the pack defect, a wolfless shifter. She struggles through life with the vague dream of freedom.
Her opportunity comes when she's suddenly informed that she will be attending the Lunar Gala, an annual ball for young adult shifters to find their fated mates.
And she finds him. He's beautiful and intense, and his kisses send desire through her veins like a drug.

Until he REJECTS her.

Ava isn't about to go back to her dreary life. She escapes and forges a new identity far from her pack, and far from her alpha mate.
She makes new friends and is even forcefully adopted by a hilarious husky.
But just as she settles in and finds happiness, strange things begin to happen...
Her husky has been holding secrets.
She's hearing whispers that shifter packs all over are looking for her.
And she can smell a familiar scent in her apartment, which makes no sense at all...
because the man it belongs to rejected her.

[Cupids Quill Mar 2024 entry]


This is a wolf shifter romance with multiple triggers that like to waltz hand in hand with all the dark themes through a meadow of dead flowers.

In this book you will find the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Laugh, cry, rage; you can do them all as you
follow Ava in the rather perilous journey of being a wolf shifter in this generation of werewolf romance.
There are R18 scenes sprinkled throughout this book like candy popping out of a pinata. Please read responsibly.


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