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The Lycan Kings Forbidden Mate Novel PDF Download/Reading Online

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The Lycan Kings Forbidden MateThe Lycan Kings Forbidden Mate Novel Synopsis

WARNING: explicit content, read no further if below the ages of 18.

Greyson 'Grey' Nix was blessed by the Moon Goddess and will be taking the throne as The Lycan King.
Grey has been under constant supervision and instruction since he turned age 5.
Not only will he take over the throne but he has an entire pack to run also.
He is now 18 and has to find his mate, while trying to enjoy his last summer before taking his place as King and Alpha.
Being the Lycan King, Grey has enemies. People who will stop at nothing to take the throne away from him and steal his power.

River Jones, She was raised by the Alpha and Luna of her pack, the Blood Moon pack. She has always been a shy and timid girl.
She loves deeply but isn't as niave as people may think she is.
She loves her family more than anything but has always felt something was missing, she never really felt like she belonged.
River is about to turn 18 and is preparing to attend The Annual Mating Ball.
Is this where she meets her Mate? What happens when she finally learns her family history?
What happens when the past starts to haunt her future?


This is a sequal to 'Her Burning Desire' I recommend you read that book first before continuing with this one.
-S**ual Content will be throughout the book. 18++ recommended.-


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