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Thought Of Running Ads on Your Smf Forum? Use SimpleAds Mod


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simpleAds mod is the best for running google adsense and any other banner or java script on your smf forum
But why simpleAds mod?
its better than any other
you can customize your ads the way you like
It has variety of position where you can place your ads even below footer
you can centralize your ads at any position you want it
download simpleAds from  http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=2557

don't forget that the mod creator just gave out this modification without demanding for any credit link on the footer or top of your smf forum.

please leave your comments/argument



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For the few years I have started using smf script for my forum Simpleads mod is one of the versatile lucky mod that I have loved.

Not as if it's the only good ads mod on the smf custom site but I have personally love the mod 'cos of many things you can do with it.

1. You can add your wibiya javascript code to your smf using simpleads mod
2. you can add flag counter javascript / html code using simpleads mod
3. You can add language Translation script (without using Language translation mod) using simpleads mod, this is necessary if you want some featured flags to show coupled with a drop down menu to help complete aliens understand you support their languages
4. You can add free php chat script (open source) using simpleads mod
5. You can add any script at all using simpleads mod

Simpleads mod comes with many option helping you to place your advert just at the very place you want it placed .

With simpleads mod you can as well run your own adverts on smf platform as it gives you the option to automatically control the time and number of impression you need for your adverts.

google adsense , ad dynamo , adbrite , bidvertiser and any other adnetwork can as well 
be used with simpleads mod .

It is actually a nice mod but the developer decided to give it out without demanding you place his credit link in the footer or any where in your smf ('cos nowadays nobody takes a site with more than 8 credits links seriously  :Dfact)

you can view the screen shot below for possible position and option you can use for your simpleads mod

At a Glance Top




Choose Membergroup




Choose board


Remember to always do a backup before installing new mod
here is the link to download simpleads mod


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I forgot to add this initially perhaps  you have simpleads mod , admod , sdk admod or any other mod and wish to centralize your add instead of placing it at the left or right you can simple use this code to instruct your add to be placed right in the center header , footer or body of your smf forum . the code ti use is

<div style="margin:auto; text-align:center;"> adsense here </div>


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My site can't load after installing the mod,i got below message when try loading my site

Unable to load the
'adsheaders_above' template.


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younggenius said:
My site can't load after installing the mod,i got below message when try loading my site

Unable to load the
'adsheaders_above' template.
that's because you already had the admanagement installed prior to trying out this mod, you need manually uninstall the admanagement mod or any other mod related to adsplacement like the "global header and footer" mod


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younggenius said:
Afte uninstalling everything related to ads Unable to load the 'Ads'
That is still cause by the admanagement mod bro, go to the mod page and read about manual uninstall of that very mod, follow the manual guide to get all of it's components removed. 


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younggenius said:
How do i upgrade it because before it happened,i upgraded its latest version.
go to http://download.simplemachines.org/ and download the large upgrade file, extract it to a folder and upload all to your forum root directory. the only file from the large upgrade directory you should ignore is the upgrade.php file. hope this helps 

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