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John McAfee is back in the United States after he fled from Belize law enforcement last month and was later arrested in Guatemala for illegal entry. In a far-ranging and often strange interview given to CNBC Friday morning, McAfee said he would answer questions in a "neutral country" but he's "not going back to Belize."

He did, however, say he would go back to Belize if police there charge him with the murder of his neighbor who turned up dead in November.

McAfee also discussed stories of his drug use, accused Belize and neighboring countries of torture and said he refuses to associate with anybody who drinks alcohol.

"Bath salts are used by people that don't have a lot of money that make them want to eat people's faces," said McAfee when asked about his drug use. "If I decided to start using drugs again, I have the resources to use good drugs"

McAfee insisted he had no idea how much he was worth, but when pressured on the question, said it was less than $5 million. When asked if he would start a new business, McAfee said it was easy to make money and that he would "shine shoes if I had to."

"Making money is easy," he said. "Any idiot can make money, it's keeping it that's the hard part."

He also denied his epic and bizzarre story was a hoax.

"I do love hoaxes," he said, "but not ones that result in my detention in Guatemalan jails."

McAfee fled Belize after his neighbor, Gregory Faull, was found killed and McAfee was named a "person of interest" in the investigation. He disappeared for weeks, later being apprehended in Guatemala after photos of him containing GPS data were uploaded to the web by reporters "embedded" with him. Earlier this week, he was put on a plane to Miami, Fla.

McAfee denies any involvement in the murder and claims reports of tension between himself and Faull were trumped up by local police and the media.

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