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What's important when creating a flyer


New Techie
The important things are:

  • Color
  • Attention Grabbing
  • Clean Text

1 - Color

You have to go with the color that suits your business. For example a restaurant should try to go with either black if it's a modern one or brownish if it is a traditional one. Why?
Simple, each color awakes an emotion in a human, black is more of a futuristic kind of modern trendy color, while brown is more of a homely color, more pleasing and relaxing. So to maximize your visitors, target them with colors.

2 - Attention Grabbing

After the base color you have to have something that will keep the potential customer reading. If you have a flyer, and it looks nice at first but doesn't make the person read it, you waste your time and money.

3 - Clean text

After you got your colors and design set, it's time for the text. Don't have a generic text, sell your business! If you don't know what to write get someone who does know.

If you follow all 3 steps you will have a great chance to win.

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