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Winning Her Back After Divorce Winning Her Back After Divorce Novel Synopsis

Song Nian was no longer the demure woman she used to be the night she decided to divorce Qi Yu—in his embrace, she tossed and turned like a feisty wild cat.
Qi Yu asked Song Nian why, raspily, between the sheets.

Song Nian unleashed her every facet in front of him, a hint of redness tinged the curves of her eyes.

“This is the final time. Of course, we should have a good time.” Song Nian left with a flick of her sleeves the next morning, leaving behind a divorce agreement.
After five years of marriage, she was unable to win Qi Yu’s heart. Song Nian was sick of living like this.
She was wealthy, attractive, and slim.

Why should she be confined to hanging from this crooked tree known as Qi Yu for the rest of her life?
Young Master Qi, who had always been cold and restrained, got drunk one month into their divorce.

His friend grumbled as he carried him home from the bar “Don’t get a divorce if you don’t want one.
What’s the point of drinking every day?”
Qi Yu sneered, his eyes narrowed. “Who doesn’t want to get a divorce? I’m overjoyed to be divorced!”

The news of Song Nian’s marriage to the Lu family quickly spread.
On the day of the wedding, Young Master Qi demolished the venue and lifted Song Nian onto his shoulder in front of everyone.

Qi Yu pinned Song Nian under him in the remote forest villa, displaying her stunning figure in her fishtail wedding gown.

His gaze was cold and arrogant. “You want to get married to someone else? Continue to fantasize!”
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