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Words you never thought you'd hear from me Thanks Microsoft.


Words you thought you'd never hear
from me. Well here (me) we have finally bite the bullet and are
willing to thank Microsoft. "No, No, say
it's not true" I hear you all chanting.
"We need people like you to help the
cause.". Well I'm sorry, I am very
grateful to Microsoft, and there is nothing you can do to make me
change my mind. You see a few months ago I was
under a heavy deadline to finish a very
important project, and during a
marathon session in the middle of the
night I was wondering what I could
do while my Windows 7 machine was rebooting after a crash. So I did a
few pushups, and then a few situps.
pretty soon (by the end of the night),
in the time it takes to reboot the
machine I could fit in 20 pushups and
20 situps, and sit back in the chair to see my lovely messed up desktop
(since everyone knows all the icons
are moved after a reboot). So I made it
a standard. And then I went around
promoting the idea. Now the whole
team is dedicated to the idea! "Make positive use of your energy."
"Turn those wasted moments into
something useful." So thanks Microsoft, I'm in the best
shape of my life.

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