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YouTube TV app is now available on all Vizio SmartCast Televisions


De Techizard
After roughly six months of the slow and steady rollout, the YouTube TV app is now available on all Vizio SmartCast TVs. The $40 per month cable alternative first arrived on a selection of newer, high performing Vizio models about half a year ago, with a YouTube engineer on Reddit noting that the company would add more models after monitoring and fine-tuning playback quality.

That process seems to be complete now, as Google has just updated its YouTube TV app help page confirming the support.

It's good to see YouTube TV add support for additional devices, as it remains a decently-priced option for cutting the cord but retaining access to live TV. While many can live without live TV, for some - particularly sports fans - it's a major sacrifice. Depending on the area, YouTube TV provides channels like CNN, FOX, CNBC, ESPN, and FX.

It's also possible to get other sports channel add-ons for extra fees. It's still not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but according to a July report that suggested services like YouTube TV are barely profitable, it's not likely to get less expensive anytime soon.

In addition to Vizio SmartCast TVs, the YouTube TV app is available through a variety of products, including all Android TVs, Samsung and LG smart TVs from 2016 onward, many Roku products, and newer Xboxes.

Source: androidpolice