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  1. travelguru

    How to Immigrate to Canada from Nigeria in 2021

    Nigeria was the fourth country of origin for immigrants to Canada in 2019, with a total of 12,600 Nigerians who became permanent residents that year alone. As a permanent resident of Canada, you can live and work anywhere in the country and enjoy access to free health and social care, as well as...
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    How to Immigrate to Canada from the Philippines in 2021

    For some, America is already an old news, and no longer the trending option. Canada, on the other hand, welcomes skilled and semi-skilled immigrants from all over the world because they know the value that hard-working people bring to the economy. Your chance to immigrate to Canada from the...
  3. travelguru

    Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

    Every year, lots of young people log on to the internet to check for Canada student visa. Apparently, they want to study in Canada. For you to study in Canada, you basically need to obtain a Canadian study permit. In some cases where your course or study duration is less than 6 months, you won’t...
  4. travelguru

    7 Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada

    Canada is an amazing country with amazing opportunities and migrating is not as tough as people think. But, only if you know the easy ways. Would you like to know the easiest ways to migrate to Canada? If you are current, you should know that the country, Canada has currently ranked as the #1...
  5. zeal

    AfDB JADS 2021 Fully Funded Scholarship Program to Study in Japan

    AfDB JADS 2021 Scholarship Application Deadline: August 31, 2021 The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS) Program is a capacity-building project by the AfDB and Japan which was initiated in 2017 with the aim of providing two-year scholarship awards to highly achieving African graduate students...