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10 Amazing Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3


De Travel Guru

1. SwiftKey X If you have just bought your Samsung Galaxy S3 then you will see that its native keyboard doesn?t work for you. It is suggestive to use this app called as SwiftKey X for having a great alternative for cognitive typing. This will let you input in a faster and efficient mannerism. It gives you the logical words to build up a good sentence structure.
2. Skype Skype is one app that you can?t miss having on your Galaxy S3 as it will let you enjoy the VoIP calling over Wi-Fi or 3G. With S3?s nice and efficient 1.9 MP front camera Skype will let you make HD video calls.
3. N.O.V.A. 3 N.O.V.A. 3 is now available to the Android users and it is an app just too perfect for your Samsung Galaxy S3. Sometime back its iOS version came into the market but now for all Android users it is available in 3D graphics and amazing display quality.
4. Adobe Photoshop Touch Granting you the access to Photoshop features this is a must-have app for the people who would love to Photoshop using their Galaxy S3 Smartphone. This will give you an access to effects and filters that can be applied to the pictures and then shared as per the wish. This is reviewed as a high-performing app.
5. Spotify Spotify is a brilliant app for the music lovers who would like to have a cache of songs onto their Galaxy S3. This app will allow you listening to the songs even when you are offline. The sound quality offered by this app is matchless and all this comes for free.
6. Instagram Seeing the popularity of Instagram, this app has to be a part of your app collection within your S3. You can choose for the effects and then capture great moments with this app and the 8MP camera. After doing that you can share the picture and keep on having fun with this beautiful app.
7. Norton Antivirus Security is the prime concern of users these days. In the times when you can get easily hacked or spammed, having an app like Norton Antivirus would be a nice option. This will prevent your Galaxy S3 from possible hacks and hence secure your info quite well. Also, with this app working you will never compromise with the speed.
8. Astro File Manager Usually when we have a Smartphone then we create too many files and then at times find it difficult to obtain a particular file. Get this app for your S3 and be relaxed because Astro File Manager will help you in managing and organizing all your files by itself.
9. Angry Birds Space A free app and sure to be loved by the angry birds fan following; Angry Birds in space gives you a chance to experience gaming in high resolution. As it is coming for free you sure won?t like to not having it on your Samsung Galaxy S3.
10. Scalado Album Scalado Album will be a great assistance app for your S3 phone. It sorts all the pictures that you click so that you can find them easily afterwards. This app can sort pictures by month, place or any other factor that you would like for the sorting.


Whats App must be added in this list..... A great app that to without cost.......  ;D