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10 Best Ways to Make Money Online


People dream of making money online, but it?s really not that hard to do. You can start part-time and build yourself up, or you dive in all at once and test your luck online. Here are 10 scam-free ways of making money online.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon is primarily known as a huge e-commerce website, but a less known feature is its outsourcing marketplace. Mechanical Turk is a place where people place up short jobs for people to complete. You may write an article for one contractor, and make image descriptions for another. Most jobs pay less than $1, but they usually take less than a minute to complete.

2. Stock Photos

Go to a stock photo website and upload some of your images. People often pay several dollars for these, but they usually want unique images that fit their needs. You shouldn?t upload any family pictures, but landscapes and business-oriented images tend to do fairly well.

3. Virtual Assistant

This is similar to Mechanical Turk. A virtual assistant is a worker that someone hires to perform a task. The difference is that you need to market yourself a little. You should also focus on one niche, rather than taking every job you can get.

4. Write eBooks

Thanks to the Kindle and other e-readers, you can make money by becoming a part-time author. Do you know how to do something better than others? Just write an e-book about it and get it published. Ebooks can sell anywhere from $1-$100 depending on content, niche and marketing. Popular ebooks may attract many buyers and have a mass following on the internet.

5. Niche Website

Build a website in a certain niche and use affiliate and PPC ads to make money. Just think about a niche you like, write about 10 articles about it and publish the website online. You should easily make money from the ads if your website has a strong following.

6. Install WordPress

People love the WordPress blogging system, but few people know how to install it and the various plugins. You can get a manual for this on the WordPress website, so you should have no problem setting it up. Most people charge $5-$10 for this service, and it only takes several minutes to do.

7. Paid Surveys

Companies need information, and they often get that information through reviews and surveys. There are many websites out there that will pay you about $1 or less to make a review or take a survey. Some reviews/surveys require you to make a purchase first. You should watch out for these types, as they may scam you.

8. Sell Online

Do you have anything around the house that you don?t need? Or, do you know how to get items cheaper than in the stores? If so, then you can sell them online. Amazon and eBay are big, but Craigslist is a good place for selling items, too.

9. Flipping Websites

Start off by building a niche website. Most people keep their niche website forever, but this is a different strategy. Wait until the website is making about $5 a day on advertising, or about $150 a month. At this point, put the website up for sale. Most people put their website up for 10 times the monthly earnings, but you will more often get about $500 to $700 per website at this beginning level.

10. Design Shirts

There are websites that sell custom shirt designs that are made by users. If you are good at graphic design, or if you know how to put funny text with pictures, then you can make some money doing this. Just think of a design, put it up and wait for people to buy it.

Making money online isn?t difficult, and the online world caters to many different talents. Just try one of the above methods to make some part-time or even full-time earnings right from your computer. Also, make sure you have high-speed internet service if you are considering working online.


New Techie
These are some really great ways of making money online. Personally I would avoid survey websites though, these sites are hard to get money from.

I have tried Amazon Mechanical Turk before and I can say it is a good site.