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20 Perfect & Proven List of Completely free vpn services to Access hulu ,sling etc


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countries like Canada , Russia , Hunkong , middle east , india, china , africa and the rest can actually watch streaming sites like hulu.com , sling.com , youtube.com even if Government blocked access to them.
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Hostizzle this Hostizzle that Hostizzle failed to accept my certificate Hostizzle free certificate expired Hostizzle isn't working any more  and I stay in Philippians can't get Hostizzle working , I stay in china can't get Hostizzle working------>>> surprised ? yes this is the kind of questions and topic I see almost every day in the little facebook group i was managing.

it is a known fact that most usa based services like hulu.com , sling.com ,sportify.com , linkedin.com , facebook.com , twitter.com , google, yahoo.com and etc access are blocked completely in most countries. many have resolved to using proxies which isn't perfect as they are quickly blocked . Why many good vpn services aren't free there are good number of completely vpn  services you can use in blocked countries like India and other, this free vpn services providers gets into thousand's and hundred but most of them aren't helpful  at all as it limits your access to only fewer features that is the aim of this tutorial to point out completely free vpn services you can use if your country is blocked.

Here is a list of numerous completely free U.S.A, US vpn and proxies you can trust and use without fear

1. http://www.securitykiss.com/index.php (software you can download)
2. https://vpnreactor.com/default.aspx (proxy based vpn services)
3. http://www.spotflux.com/
4. http://www.tuvpn.com/en/buy-vpn#our-store-free (proxy based vpn "has limited access though"
5. need to add this 'cos you may be on your friend's computer and needed quick access to hulu.com, youtube.com or any other us based services that is blocked in your country. all you need do is open your mozilla firefox "then enter this address" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/tag/proxy?sort=rating&tag=google&cat=1%2C12
6. http://zacebook.com/free-vpn-account.php (most users from  the Middle east, where as already known the government  blocks a lot of websites )

let's continue with the list by doing few short review of completely free vpn software(s) you can use

7. Ultra VPN
Ultra VPN is one of the best free vpn service. UltraVPN is a client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. It encrypts and anonymizes your network connection. Using Ultra free VPN service you can really watch american streaming websites like hulu.com o, favorite-tvshows.com, access blocked websites from within a corporate environment, connect or log in into google accounts , even msm, myspace and yahoo if it?s blocked, use VoIP software like Skype, nimbuzz if they are blocked, protect your email and browsing privacy.  you can download working Ultra VPN from

8. Security Kiss (repeated 'cos of review)

Security Kiss is another completely free vpn service. Security Kiss free version have daily 300MB traffic limit which is enough for normal works. It is free for lifetime and the free version only can used in windows pc and paid version are available for mac , linux, windows . Security Kiss is 100% add free and you can switch between unlimited server every day in free version . Download Security Kiss from http://www.securitykiss.com/

9. Anchor Free

Anchor free is nice 'cos it can be installed in both mac and windows based operating system it is a good free vpn service. Its very easy to install and use. Anchor free don?t have any paid version somedays earlier but now have. In free version they will show add in every page top, but you can stop the add if you don't like them using adblockplus. you can download fully working Anchor free from http://www.anchorfree.com/

10. CyberGhost

the only little difference between and others mentioned above is that CyberGhost is German based vpn service. just as others they have free vpn service and also have paid vpn service. In free vpn service traffic limit is 10GB every month. you can download working version of CyberGhost from http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/

11.  Hotspotshield
download hotspotshield from http://www.hotspotshield.com/ no review needed as it is almost perfect based on users experience with it

12. Sunvpn
haven't actually used this before but while writing this a friend assured me that their free services are great. wanna try them out? download from http://www.sunvpn.com/

you can actually use USAIP  without any registration  but have some limitations your connection will disconnect after every 7 minutes and also the speed limit is 200kbps . If you are a blog or website owner you can get a paid account for free from USAIP  by writing a review of their website on your blog.

14. OpenVPN
This is a must have completely free vpn client you need to have reason " it works on both mac and windows based computer " you can download open vpn client from http://www.openvpn.net/ . Configuring vpn servers and client isn't difficult as required amount of guide is always given by the providers

15. PacketiX.NET
The only reason why I listed PacketiX.NET is because of it's high usage in Japan actually they aren't free but you can use their test service for free once downloaded . It can be installed and used by machines running both Windows and Linux , UNIX operating system. download packetix.net from http://www.packetix.net/en/

you may wanna try this other ones also

16. your freedom
download your freedom from http://www.your-freedom.net

17. macro vpn

download macro vpn from http://www.macrovpn.com/

18. ultra surf

this is actually one of the vpn Client I personally used myself for about six month you can use their services for free.  download ultra surf from this secured link WWW.ultrasurf.us

19. freegate

this one actually needs no time taking setup just download it from this secured link WWW.freegate.softpedia.com lunch and use very nice one from Chinese developers.

20. Your Freedom

you can actually use USA or uk server for your free account download your Freedom client from this WWW.your-freedom.net

21. Tor

a list without tor wouldn't be too nice 'cos it's one of the best around though not only USA server/ IP.  download tor from WWW.torproject.org

you can share this with your friend's or link directly to it, don't forget to ask any questions

This is a perfect information, tried some of them here in india and they worked worked just perfectly. thumb up

Actually I should have added this with my already listed long list of completely free Usa , Us vpn clients you can use in any country , but my experience with it made me to single it out with style.

Actually you need a secure vpn client like spotflux to access any website you are locked out from as discussed for free . the mobile version of spotflux is still yet to be officially released but you can download the mac and windows version of spotflux from  this link http://www.spotflux.com/