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3 Best Spy Apps for Android


Android spy apps allow one to point out the location of target phone with all the details. You can find your lost or stolen android phone by installing one of the blow GPS apps. The difference in tracking lies in the fact that the Android phone is located by making use of the Wi-Fi and other satellite connections, even when GPS has been turned off. Yet again, the price of installation of this package depends on the time period for which the user wants to spy on the other person.

1. Mobistealth

Mobistealth?s spy app offers different packages for its users, ranging from the most basic spying features to the most detailed ones. Be it phone calls and text messages on cell phones or tracking for Android, its spy app has managed to fulfill all the requirements of its customers.

As for the tracking features for the android, mobistealth?s spy app can do this job. The package which is known as the Android spy Lite allows one to know where the person who is being subjected to spying is at. This package uses the GPS system for tracking. It allows the user to know where his or her target person is at any point in time, or where he or she was and for how long.. This package is available for installation at different prices, depending on the period of use. If someone wishes to use this package for the basic tracking details for 3 months, he or she can buy this package for $49.99 USD, meanwhile those who plan on continuing the use for 6 months and 12 months have to pay $69.99 USD and $99.99 USD respectively.

2. Mobile-Spy

This is not all. Mobile-spy has introduced new package with which one can track the location of the person in whose phone the app is downloaded with more efficiency. The package known as the Android spy Advance which comes with a feature which can track the location of the Android without GPS. This is useful when the target people decide to turn off the GPS of their Android phone. It is compatible with almost all of android phones. The price is under $300 USD.

3. Flexispy

Another spy app is Flexispy app which also comes with different affordable packages. The price of Flexispy PRO is different than that of Android Spy Lite because of the difference in the features. One can install to monitor target phone?s activities without letting know target user. All the activities can be viewed on an online which is provides you after downloading this app. The price of Flexi-shield package is $39 (one time) as mentioned on its website.