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Apple Stock Hits All-Time High After Favorable Verdict


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Apple stock swelled to $674.96 per share during after-hours trading following the favorable verdict for the iPhone creator. Stock prices rose about 1.8%, or around $12 a piece, closing at $663.22 per share.

Around 6 P.M. ET on Friday, the first tweets went out from reporters in the California courtroom where the Apple-Samsung infringement case verdict would soon be announced.

A nine-person grand jury came to a unanimous decision on Friday evening (around 7 P.M. ET), determining Samsung infringed upon several Apple-patented features.

Apple won almost every count against Samsung in the historic court battle. A federal jury in San Jose, Calif., is awarding the Cupertino giant approximately $1.05 billion in damages. The jury decided Samsung ?willfully? infringed on five of seven Apple patents including the iPhone?s iconography, its ?pinch-and-zoom? feature, the ?bounce-back? effect in on-screen scrolling and the double-tap zoom.
In a statement Friday, Samsung responded by calling the decision ?a loss for the American consumer? that will lead to ?fewer choices, less innovation and potentially higher prices.?

?This is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many of Apple?s claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer,? Samsung wrote.

The Apple-Samsung battle in U.S. courts is not over. As expected, Samsung announced it will be appealing the rulings lost, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Reports state Samsung will first appeal to residing U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh. If the decision is not overturned, Samsung will appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which focuses on patents.

In four weeks, the two companies will argue the fate of the patent-infringing items. During the scheduled court date on Sept. 20, Apple will ask courts to ban Samsung sales of the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Nexus S, Mesmerize, Vibrant, Fascinate, Skyrocket, Continuum, Prevail, Infuse, Gem, Mesmerize, Indulge, Replenish, Epic 4G Touch, Droid Charge smartphones, the Galaxy Tab and Tab 10.1 tablets in the U.S.

The sales restriction would be temporary ? pending a final decision by Judge Koh, according to CNET.

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Finally, the one who was correct won and rightly so......
Apple was the market king and after this win, they will be on top for more time.........


Active Techie
NickJohnson said:
Finally, the one who was correct won and rightly so......
Apple was the market king and after this win, they will be on top for more time.........
apple is trying so hard to dominate the smartphone world (think this is plain impossible) just as google 's done for search . let's watch the game as it rows lol


I don't think apple can beat most smart phones companies on phone production, like  Nokia, Black Berry, Sony Ericsson, HTC And so on. Lets see what happens in d next production.



I think iPhone 5 will decide the future of Apple in smartphone market..... If it gets success then Apple will be the king......