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Best way to setup custom domain and email forwarding in blogger blogspot


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I haven't posted here for a while and felt like breaking that with this tips for adding a custom domain name and business email with your domain name on blogger blogspot blogs.

The need for needing a custom domain name need not be over-emphasized as more business owners and even regular internet surfers are placing more values on custom domain names as opposed to domains still using .blog.com.

Custom domain for your blog will give it a better brand so do custom email address too.

so lets find out how we can easily set up our blogspot.com blogs to use a custom domain name.

1. Purchase a custom domain name from reliable domain name sellers -preferably the ones that offers you a free email address forwarding option

2. Log in to your domain name management dashboard and click on the domain name you intend using for your blog - check out where you have DNS manager

3. From your DNS management dashboard lookout for advance DNS settings or Just click on Edit Zone for most dashboard

4. Create new A and CNAME records respectively using the details below

for A records use

as seen in this pix below


for CNAME records use
CNAME (Alias) as "www" pointing to "ghs.google.com" as seen in this pic below


Finally you need log in to your blogger dashboard and change the address to the custom domain name you have chosen as seen in this picture below.


Remember to add the short security code google will give to you as CNAME (Alias) pointing to the long security code.

Now your blog should be loading from a custom domain name.

Now create an email address eg. [email protected] and forward it to your gmail so as to allow your audience to contact using a custom email address.

source http://bin.obasimvilla.com/2013/10/easiest-way-to-set-up-custom-domain.html
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