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Best Ways to Use Different Kinds of Social Media



If you?re looking to promote your business via social media opportunities, you?re riding the latest wave. However, it?s not enough to just have a Twitter account and tweet once in a while. You need to understand how each form of social media works and play by the unique rules of each type. The following are ways to make the best use of social media formats:

Articles That Point Back to Your Website

Many people establish a blog (on a blogging site like Blogger) and include links back to their site. That?s a good start, but in order to get your message out there and truly drive traffic, you need to get your material out to a wide audience. You can do this one of two ways:

    * The hard way, which is manually posting your content on sites like Squidoo and Digg
    * The easy way, where you invest in a spinning tool, write an article, spin it, and automatically submit it to dozens or even hundreds of sites

Once you get that traffic to your site, you?ll want to encourage comments and interaction with your site visitors. This will increase the chances of them returning and purchasing your goods or services promoted by your site.


Twitter is a great way to lure people to your site, but you have to follow the rules.

    * First of all, you need to be aggressive as you build up a follower base by following as many people as you can
    * Second, make sure your tweets are short and catchy
    * Third, follow everyone who follows you (unless their profile or pic is inappropriate and will be bad for your business)
    * Comment on other people?s tweets to call attention to your own tweets ? reciprocity is the name of the game when it comes to Twitter
    * Lastly, tweet often?daily is best. If you post blog posts on your website, it?s a good idea to tweet provocative tweets that will pique the follower?s curiosity, leading them to check out your site


To use Facebook successfully, you need to cultivate a fun, friendly, and engaging face to your marketing efforts. Interactions on Facebook are casual and positive. In order to get people to like your business and move from reading your posts to visiting your site, you need to do the following:

    * Censor your posts, being sure only to post stuff that is truly witty, informative, or useful
    * Be careful how much you comment on other people?s posts ? keep your professional face on when it comes to commenting or responding to comments
    * Provide links to your site?but only in conjunction to a legitimate post
    * Use the Facebook status space to inform the world about your businesses special offers, advancements, and changes
    * Considering adding a Facebook shopping cart to your fan page; you may get sales right off Facebook, without them even visiting your site

Social Media Conclusion

If you master the flavor and tricks of each of these social media platforms, you?ll drive traffic to your site inexpensively and effectively.

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