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Bidvertiser Now Accepts Dogecoin Crypto Currency Payment Fully


De Techizard
Bidvertiser, one of the leading direct advertising networks announced earlier today that Dogecoin Crypto Currency payment is now fully supported on their website. Users or companies can pay for ads and other services they offer via Dogecoin and other supported Cryptocurrencies. This is a piece of refreshing news for lots of Crypto fans that would like to settle their ads payment with Dogecoin, Bitcoin, etc.

Bidvertiser Now Accepts Dogecoin Crypto Currency Payments for Ads

The minimum deposit allowed for Dogecoin (and other Cryptocurrencies) is $100, while the minimum ad spends per day is $5. The cryptocurrency payment option is available to all users of their platform. Also, you can join as an advertiser (and promote your goods and services) by clicking on this link.
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