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Booking.com spam mail contains BredoZp Trojan


A new spam campaign with a subject line of "Booking Confirmation [random number]" has been sent out around the world, attempting to trick recipients into infecting their computers with malware.

A spam mail , purportedly coming from the customer service department of popular hotel booking website Booking.com, have been distributed.

The mail contains no message body, there is a file attached called Booking_BEDDING-INCLUSIONS.zip. The zip file contains a file called "Booking_BEDDING-INCLUSIONS.pdf.exe".

If user download the attachment and open it, their system will get infected with a malware called "BredoZp-B".

"Always be on your guard against unsolicited emails - even if they appear to come from legitimate organisations. It could be that the link you are about to click on, or the attached file you are about to open, is really a disguise for a malware attack." Researcher said.

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