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Can't Let You Go, Mate Can't Let You Go, Mate Novel Synopsis

Life was easy and happy until she met her mate.
There is a ritual in the Crismon red pack that Once you find your mate you have to mark and accept them willingly
but Once the head alpha finds his mate , his Luna , he can't reject her.

Otherwise , the rejected mate has to bear the consequences.
She never thought her mate would reject her and let her live in hell.
Arvan Black , the head alpha of the Crismon red pack is very dominant and a big bad wolf.

Even Lycans are afraid of him. He is a true blood alpha. He expects his mate to be a powerful alpha or beta female.
He never thought about a weak omega would be his mate.
It crushed his ego and his respect. He thought she won't be able to satisfy his needs and protect the whole pack with him.

Rose Lee , the mate of the head alpha. She knew how to struggle but never thought she had to survive her mate's rejection.
She promised herself that she will never forgive the alpha who rejected....
Read the complete story to find out more.....


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