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Have you lost control of your life cos of FACEBOOKING?
The signs below would do justice to the question above

The below  signs first appeared on ebimablog

You have to just read the following symptoms, and rate yourself utilizing the underneath scale.

a) Very seldom, b) seldom, c) occasionally, d) Often, and e) Very often.

You are exceedingly furious when you can?t open your Facebook account, or keep defending your Facebook account from being banned.

You will not endure if there is a power cut or no Internet attachment.

You battle with persons who constraint your Facebook access .

You decrease the time expending on things you loved to do. Eg: Sports, conversing to friends, observing t.v, suspending out with friends and etc.

You wont spend much time with your family.

You like virtual designated days, where you like to replace a real date with online designated day. Which means, rather than of going out for dinner, you will tell your colleague to rendezvous online at a certain time.

If 8 out of your 10 associates are strangers, then this is a grave FAD case.

When you meet new people, you say your title pursued by ?I?ll converse to you on Facebook? , ?I?ll glimpse you in Facebook? or ?What?s your Facebook ID??

You hold on refreshing the pages for notifications and notes. May it be a commentary on your picture, or a ally might compose something on your wall.

You hold your significant work/studies apart, finding a reason to use Facebook. May it be a midday meal shatter, tea shatter, or any other small shatter.

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