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Delivery of Fate Delivery of Fate Novel Synopsis

Returning from the military, Blake has decided to hide from his enemies as a lonely delivery person.
Blake delivers an envelope that would change his life on a faithful rainy night.
He is forced into a three-year contract marriage to the Weston Family, a prestigious family in Califonia.

Marrying the granddaughter, who longs to be with another man, she and her mother belittles and abuses Blake.
Little do they know that Blake, the trash son-in-law holds onto great power
when he receives his family's inheritance and is the heir of the most powerful family in the world.

With the family inheritance, Blake is met with a life of cultivation.
Gaining his sister-in-law and third female cousin support as his living spirit vessels, Blake is on the road to immortality.
How will he handle his enemies, betrayal, and the most incredible powers as he hopes to find his true love among all the women around him?
Read the complete episode to find out more.....


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