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Double Redemption: The Story of Mike and Emma Novel PDF Free Download/Read Online


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Double Redemption: The Story of Mike and Emma by Francis Gene Collins is an intriguing story that reveals our longing hope for connection and our needs to listen to our hearts, no matter what circumstances we're faced with. Its better, we're always looking forward in anticipation not backwards in regrets. A story that projected from an unhealthy life condition of two beautiful souls to a better and favorable one. this book with Paperback is available now for your purchase. Click Here.

Double Redemption: The Story of Mike and Emma Novel Synopsis 41igTpeVOOL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

Mike and Emma have both survived horrible childhoods and have both been emotionally wounded by events in their adult lives. As a result, they have become competent but relatively unfeeling as adults. When they meet by chance in a parking lot, however, each experiences a subtle attraction to the other, leading to a painfully tentative relationship wherein each one is afraid to reveal—or feel—too much. A touching spiritual journey about the fear of taking chances. The story is full of surprising emotional turns that capture the blossoming hearts and awakening souls of two people who are destined to re-engage life and love—together.


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