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De Techizard
Though this is not a particularly free application but definitely it serves the need of some apple-android (a.k.a appdroid) fans who wanna have iphone- like message app on their android phone .


iPhone Messages is an iphone style Messages app. Cool UI like ios. It is very simple to use* just like iphone.
- iphone style ui.
- support new ios 6 emoji.
- support all iphone emoji* you can send and receive emoji with friend that used iPhone or Android.
- iphone style ringstone support.
- iphone style popup message dialog.
- Blink LED when new message arrived.
- custom notification icon.
- internal snapshot support.
- manage messages conveniently.
- if you do not want to see duplicate notifications* you can try to select "Block Notification" option in settings* but this will cause two duplicate messages on some devices.
- if your messages is out of order* pls try to select "Block Notification" option in settings of iphone message.
- please press the menu and select "Insert Smile" to insert emoji.
- the iphone user's IOS version must be > 5.01
- When trying SMS* please note that many network carriers will corrupt emoji text especially when emoji being sent across networks. Please understand that I cannot fix network carrier's problem.

What's in this version:
Expeditious update for emoji display problem.
- Fixed the bug that emoji can not display on some devices after optimized the load speed of emojis and app.
- Change the blue bubble theme more beautiful.
follow the official link on google play store to find out more

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