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Easily Copy Your Friends phone Messages (inbox) To Your bluetooth enabled Phone


De Techizard
Many a time we are always forced to pressure when we start lacking sweet words to tell her and here comes a friend of yours whose inbox is filled with many heart touching , charming messages which he /she permits you to edit for your use though.
Now to copy the messages to your own phone (works great with nokia phones) you just need follow the simple steps below :

1. Turn on yours and your Friends bluetooth.

2. Go To Settings>sync and backup>phone switch>copy to this.

3. Where They Ask to Select other device,
Then Select new phone.

4. Now You Can See List Which Item You Want To Select Mark It.

You can also copy MMS,NOTE, Contacts. e.t.c

5. Press Done And Search the device. Connect with it.
and enjoy your stuff

Your Friend Inbox Copied Succesfully..


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