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This is an  I.T. forum where we get to learn, teach, post and interact with many-a-tech geeks.

There are few things that we strictly restrict here such as:

Adding links that are not related or useful to a post

Posting of illegal or right protected materials such as; provide cr*cked software, w*re'z, tor*en*ts, k*yg*ns, s*ri4ls, music, videos and sundry. 

Posting offensive contents such as; materials that is $*xually or otherwise obscene, racist, overly discriminatory or hurtful to any group or persons. 

Using abusive comments instead of crediting a member/poster.

Posting a thread in more than one forum or board. Endeavor to always post in the right board or else , use the "pastebin" or general discussion board.

important info:

Visually Impaired Users
If you have any form of visual difficulty, blindness or finds it difficult reading smaller text ( font size 8-12pt) you can simply contact us via the contact us page or guru(at)obasimvilla(dot)com. Our support team will prepare a pdf / Video with larger fonts and high quality audio . If the material you want to read is posted by a user who has the original copyright he will be dully contacted for necessary permission before re-distributing to you. 

It will be also great to note that we support all languages here you can use our language tools to post/reply in your preferred language.

How to upload my profile / large image files:

1. Go to www.tinypic.com
2. Click on upload (no registration needed)
3. Enter the word shown
4. Copy the last option (direct link for layout) for your profile picture
5. Copy the second option for post (link for forum or message board) for normal post attachment

Pictorial explanation




free advert:

We support adverts related to specific products/services but not links to some stupid sites. you can always post your adverts using our marketplace.

You can also ask questions or help using the "ask board" or simply post it in the right discussion boards. 
Not open for further replies.

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