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Get a verified paypal or clickbank account as a member of a banned country


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Disclaimer: this information was put together long ago when i was still a young blogspot blog user and may contain link/sites that are no longer accessible so it is open for question and correction.

note: the information contained here is unarguably accurate and have worked for hundred's of my long time followers infant while making a search on google I stumbled upon one of the sites where it was copied "A-Z"    and people where giving the poster accolades , unfortunately the poster left my name on it without my credit link , So I won't be surprised if you have read it some where else.

Before reading this you need to check my update on working completely free vpn services to avoid your paypal account being limited 

An Email: A free email address like Yahoomail, Gmail or Hotmail, they
are 100% free and easy to open.
A Liberty reserve account: you need to create a new liberty reserve
account at http://libertyreserve.com. Now, I am sure you might have finished
creating your liberty reserve
account and for you to proceed you need to load your liberty reserve
account with about $10 - $15 and this means you have to fund your liberty
reserve account.
To fund your liberty reserve account, you can visit
http://epaymonster.com, http://expresscashpay.com,
http://nigeriagoldexchange.com or http://buy-sell-dollar.com and follow
the simple steps to fund your liberty reserve account but if you are not a Nigerian, you can make enquiries about how to fund liberty reserve in
your country or visit these liberty reserve account funding websites like
http://ecardone.com or http://virtual-cc.com

Rush to http://Virtual-cc.com to buy your virtual credit card, when you
reach, select VCC for Paypal Verification then when the next page loads
select Non-European card.
A table like form will appear below, on the box for
amount of units you want
to buy, just put in 1 then type in your email address
and click on Proceed
button below.
After loading, just click on the button below written
Buy With Liberty
Reserve and follow the step by step guide to pay
them with your liberty
reserve account and remember your account should
be funded with $10 at
least to achieve success.
After payment, within an hour your Virtual Credit
Card details will be sent
to your mail.
Now, rush to get your virtual address and phone
They are two ways you can use to get an address and
matching phone
number online.
1. The Paid Address & Phone number:
2.Free Address & Phone number:
This is free from the name and it?s valid but it does not redirect and
this means that unlike the paid ones, the phone numbers and addresses you
will use won?t belong to you but they are real and often belong to some small
companies and I strictly urge you not to use the phone numbers for any
business that demands call because definitely another person will pick it up
nor will you use the address in places where you accept cheque as mode of
payment because the money won?t get to you so you can only use it with your
paypal or online business that won?t demand calls nor cheques as a mode of
You can get these free address and phone numbers through yellow pages,
just go to http://google.com and search for US yellow pages or any other
country you want to use but I strongly recommend
free address when I want to open a paypal account for my clients.
Now, they is one more thing, when you reach this page, I strongly
recommend that you search for address from either USA, Canada, Thailand,
China or South Africa to use for your paypal, I can?t really tell you the
reason why but trust me and don?t try anything funny. Pleasem due to the
fact that many people are already trooping the site for their paypal account
creation, to avoid limitation and bans on your paypal, when you get address
like this:
Address: 8005 South Chester Street, Suite 200
City: Englewood
State: Colorado
Zip/Postal Code: 80112
Country: USA
Phone Number: 18003457687
That you change it to something like this:
Address: 7985 South Chester Street, Suite 78
City: Englewood
Zip/Postal Code: 80067
Country: USA
Phone Number: 180034587693
And by so doing, paypal won?t think they is any act of fraud or that someone
is trying to own a 2 paypal accounts and that is your first step against
I also recommend that you use only South Africa when you want to use an
African country for your paypal so as to enjoy the whole privileges that US,
Canada & Thailand paypal accounts enjoy.
I also recommend the use of South Africa for your paypal account because it
will be cheaper for you because all US, Canada & Chinese addresses &
phone numbers are registered which paypal do update on their database
every 5 business days and any rubbish they will know that your address is
fake especially when you try to manipulate an already existing address but if
you use South Africa, you can easily manipulate address, phone number and
even use any 5 numbers as your postal code starting from 27? like 27096
without paypal knowing and also on the issues of bank accounts, when you
use USA or Canada, paypal will demand that you add your bank account or
virtual bank accounts from the country before your account will be fully
verified with paypal which will cost you more cash.
http://DazzleYellowPages.com/Regional, in fact, this is where I go to get mine (back then)
This type of address is often gotten at
http://graphcard.com where you go
and register then load your account and get a valid
USA address, this is valid
in the sense that the US address and phone number
will always redirect to
your Nigerian address and phone number but I only
recommend this for
people who wants to use their address for online
business that needs phone
contact or that you receive cheques as source of
payment but your country is
not accepted like in clickbank and this means that
anytime you use that your
Graph card US address to receive the cheques, they
will cash it for you and
fund it to your graph card account which you can
withdraw through Liberty
reserve or anytime your Graph card phone number
is called, it redirects and
rings on your Nigerian phone number (Warning:
this should not give
you an edge to start Internet Scam or Yahoo!
Business with it).
When the page opens, fill the form that will appear.
On your paypal Email: just use your email address.
On Your Paypal Passowrd: try using letters and numbers.
On Your Date Of Birth: try using birth ages of 21 & above
On Your Address part: just fill it accordingly
On Your Phone Number: avoid using any sign like + or ? like in +1-800-345-
8757, just use 18003458757
(I am taking my time to explain this so you won?t
have problem with your
paypal account)
Getting Started With Paypal.
Now, I assume that every thing needed to own a verified paypal account as a
member of a banned country is 100% ready, so let start our bus of crime
now and go on with the tour?
First, I will advice you to get software that redirects your IP to that of the
country that you want to use as written out in this this link my update on working completely free vpn services and open your paypal or visit a web based
proxy tunnelling client.
In this, I prefer using Your-Freedom software or one of this many HTTP Tunnel software outlined here my update on working completely free vpn services  but
in the absence of these tools, I use a web based proxy tunnelling website. I
prefer using websites like http://DnsStuff.com, http://hidemyass.com and
sometimes http://ninjacloak.com since they will redirect your IP to places
like USA, Canada, China, South Africa or Germany and I try to avoid using
places like http://vtunnel.com since they will completely hide your IP and
this often arouses paypal suspicions to ban your account or limit it?s access.
If you are using software like Your-Freedom, HTTP Tunnel, Socks Proxy
Server, you don?t need to go through proxy tunnelling websites, so just go
straight to paypal website and I strongly recommend that you avoid using
software like Gtunnel, Hide Me and few others that will completely hide your
IP. But if you are not using any software and if you are using our local ISP
then they is a great need for you to use the proxy redirecting websites.
Lets assume you have redirected you IP and now you are on paypal, just
below the Login box, click on Signup?
When the page loads, then try to lok up and see if you want to change the
current country that it have placed you in and make your changes then click
on the middle box written PREMIER ACCOUNT SIGNUP.
When you see ?Link My Credit Card To Start Shopping Immediately?
unmark it so that it won?t affect you.
Then click on continue
When the next page loads, you will see a box ?add my credit card to start
shopping? just ignore the message and go below the box and click Go To My
Account Link.
Now, when your account page opens, rush
back to your email and open the
email that paypal sent for you, inside the
email you will see different links,
just click on the link that says Edit My
Information and immediately the
page loads, enter your paypal password and
click on continue and it will load
where you will now edit your address, phone
number?.just click on
continue and remember to add your security
question then go to your
By doing this, you have verified Your Email,
Your Address, Your Phone and
claimed that you are the owner of the paypal
Now, the card will be added to your paypal account but paypal will demand
for you 4 digit paypal code to verify that you are the owner of the card then
rush back to http://Virtual-cc.com for your Expuse number.
Immediately the Virtual-cc website opens, above you will see 2 boxes where
you will type your Virtual Credit Card number and the email you used in
buying the Virtual credit card, after inputting them, click on Send Request
button?then after like 30 ? 45 minutes check back your email and you will
see the email that virtual-cc sent to you telling you that your 4 Digit Paypal
Code (Expuse Number) number is ready, immediately you get this message,
rush back to http://Virtual ?cc.com and on top of the website, enter your
Virtual Credit Card number and the email address you used to buy it then
click on send request button again. Immediately, the next page that will
appear will bear your 4 digit paypal code (expuse number) inform of this.
XXXX PAYPAL ( that XXXX represents your 4 digit paypal code).
I must say that this is the most important aspect but
trust me it?s risk free.
Now, rush back to your paypal?.Immediately after
your name on top of the
paypal account, you will see a link with the name
Get Verified, click on the
link and put in that credit card details that Virtualcc
sent to your email in
this format.
Card Type: select Visa
Card Number: enter the Virtual Credit Card
Card Verification Number: add the CVV2 Number
Mark Use This Address as the billing address to use
the address you used for
your paypal account.
Then click on Add Card.
(Remember you must add this card within 24 hours of purchase from
http://virtual-cc or else the card will be useless because it will be denied)
Rush back to your paypal account, on the notifications box, you will see a
link saying ADD YOUR 4 DIGIT NUMBER, then click on it and add the 4
digit number you got from Virtual-cc and click add. Immediately, you add it,
you?ll see that your paypal account will be verified immediately.
To Fund Your Paypal Account, Use Websites Like http://Buy-Sell-
Dollar.com or http://Gtn-Ng.com and you can also add your credit card to
your paypal account and fund the credit card.


Pls always use Dedicated VPN to access your account to avoid ban tins when u have fund.


Pls always use Dedicated VPN to access your account to avoid ban tins when u have fund.

Never use free vpn/proxy.


Active Techie
Youngzedd said:
Pls always use Dedicated VPN to access your account to avoid ban tins when u have fund.

Never use free vpn/proxy.
does it really matter if it's free or dedicated vpn?  no is the answer as long as you remain consistent with one vpn with one IP address (the IP address doesn't change frequently as in tor ) eg. your-freedom client is a good one to start with



The decision is urs to make.

Just trying to help, mean no harm.


De Techizard
Youngzedd said:
The decision is urs to make.

Just trying to help, mean no harm.
Funny enough a friend of mine who is a full time internet marketer has been using "your freedom" software from 2009 till date with all the bulk of transaction he does his account is still very much active , do you care to know the person ?

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