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Get Free USA VPN from Hostizzle with 100GB Bandwidth


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wondering how to easily access and watch Hulu video from outside US location? Generally you?ll try to search for free vpn services available out there. But unluckily, most of free VPN services are only offering you with small bandwidth quota. Then I?m sure you?ll love this.

Hostizzle is offering free US VPN account with 100GB monthly bandwitdh limit. I?m sure watching streaming video on Hulu will need such large bandwidth quota. That?s why a usual free vpn service will not able to handle it except Hostizzle.

Hostizzle is a new VPN service provider offering free US based IP anonymity VPN service with a very generous quota of 100 GB monthly data usage on a 1GBps port. Wow that?s large quota and fast bandwidth. Why Hostizzle? Hostizzle Free VPN service uses secure OpenVPN protocol with 1024-bit SSL/TLS certificates and Blowfish encryption.

It means, when using Hostizlle US-based VPN, you?ll be in full anonymity and get access to web contents blocked for specific countries. Yet, you?ll also be able to bypass internet censorship so you can access and watch any thing you want to watch including Hulu.

How to watch Hulu and bypass country specific content block? The answer is easy, just download install Hostizzle VPN. To get Hostizzle is easy and free. Simply follow these steps:
How to Set Up Free 100GB USA VPN from Hostizzle?

1- Visit the Hostizzle page  <a href="http://hostizzle.com/download/">located here</a>
2- Enter Your email Address
3- In the next page, click on [Get Your VPN Codes] button
4- A new page will be opened with the download link in it
5- Download the installer to your PC, then run it.
6- Please just install the program to create a VPN connection with Hostizzle server.
7- You will have to reboot, but after the restart, you will automatically be logged on to Hostizzle.com VPN.
8- If you already have an OpenVPN client installed on your machine, simply download new certificates package (on that page also)
9- You will need to copy these certificate files to your /config directory
Run the OpenVPN client, then right click on the tray icon and select ?connect.?
10- The VPN client connects automatically and routes all your IP traffic over the secure connection.

The certificate is valid for thirty days from the day you download it. You will have to return to Hostizzle.com to renew the certificate.
Now you can watch Hulu streaming videos or other blocked websites.

If this isn't what you are looking for why not try one of this 20 complete list of free working vpn client and services contained in this link http://forum.3ptechies.com/i-t-support-crip/20-perfect-proven-list-of-completely-free-vpn-services-to-access-hulu-sling-etc/


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there are many vpn clients and services around while some do support mobile devices others do not, if you actually need privacy and anonymity while browsing or accessing your mails from your mobile devices you sure needs a vpn client that can work on mobile devices.

you can use vpn clents on android , iphone , ipad , tablets , Symbian , windows mobile and other mobile operating system and devices .

while web based  proxy & vpn services can be used to access blocked sites and pages most  of them easily get blocked you need application like orbot for andriod , iphone and any other to access such pages.

here is a brief review of orbot for android from the web
Orbot is the official port of Tor to Android. Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.

- Android 2.x: Works with Firefox+ProxyMob Add-on
- Works with Orbot-enabled apps like Gibberbot (secure chat)
- Support transparent proxying with most rooted devices.

tor, tor project, proxy, socks, circumvention, firewall, gfw, filtering, surveillance, security, guardianproject, guardian project

Recent changes:
- small updates to layout of main screen to fit smaller screens
- fixed preference setting of EntryNode torrc value
- added exit node and "StrictExitNode" preference
- updated to Tor binary
- Merged __sporkbomb's patch for how transproxy all works; now does "everything but Tor"
- Bundled iptables 1.4.7 for ARM instead of relying on installed version
- Fixed various issues related to iptables, transproxying for CyanogenMod7/Android 2.3.*

this board is created for you to request for free vpn software to use on your mobile phone . please specify your phone operating system and spec


Hello! Will this work in the Philippines? Just curious though. Thanks!


i am using a samsung galaxy y (young) and it has android 2.3.5 (gingerbread). can i try this mobile vpn?


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iamrich said:
Hello! Will this work in the Philippines? Just curious though. Thanks!
iamrich said:
i am using a samsung galaxy y (young) and it has android 2.3.5 (gingerbread). can i try this mobile vpn?
yeah they work in Philippians and any android device from 1.6 and above can use any mobile vpn like orbot etc hope this helps
you  may want to check this free vpn list here

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