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Getting the iPhone 5? Recycle Your Old One.


How to Recycle an iPhone With a New iPhone
The Apple Recycling Program is the only true way to recycle your old iPhone and receive a credit for the recycled item. Once you turn your old iPhone into Apple, it disassembles the unit and salvages as many parts as possible to use in other devices. The company sends parts it cannot salvage to an electronics recycling center for further processing. Recycling your iPhone for a new model is an environmentally sound choice. Plus, you receive a discount coupon to get a new phone at your local Apple Retail Store.

Apple In-Store Recycling
        1 Get your iPhone ready along with any other mobile phones you want to recycle. The Apple Recycling Program accepts old iPods, iPhones and other cell phones.
        2 Locate and visit the nearest Apple Store in your city or state.
        3 Speak with a store clerk about the Apple Recycling Program. The clerk will walk you through the recycling process, ask for the device and reward you with a coupon for a 10 percent discount at Apple Retail Stores.
  Recycle via Postal Mail
        4 Go to the Apple Recycling Program website.
        5 Fill out the "Recycle via Mail" online form, including the quantity of iPhones you are sending, your full name, mailing address and email.
        6 Choose if you want to print a prepaid label with your printer or if you want to be sent a prepaid material which includes packaging materials. Click the "Continue" button.
        7 Place your iPhone in the box and make sure the label is affixed to it. Ship the package to Apple. The company will mail you a 10 percent discount coupon for use at Apple Retail Stores, once your package is received and processed.
Tips & Warnings

    You can also exchange your iPhone at a specialized online website or at a local pawn shop. The phone will not be recycled but resold to a paying customer. It is not a true form of recycling that helps the environment.

    As of May 2011, the Apple Recycling Program was offering a 10 percent discount coupon per item turned in. Recyclable items include Apple iPods, iPhones and most cell phones.

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