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How do I split a PST file without Outlook?


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Are you looking for a solution for how to split a PST file without Outlook? Then, read the post completely and get the most effective solution.

You can easily split your PST file without using your Outlook application. Our automated method that is Split PST Tool is the best method for this. This tool helps to split the PST file in a very efficient manner so that any valuable data do not get lost or corrupted. It also provides a wide range of extra features. A few of them are
  • Capable to split the oversized PST file in bulk without any restriction.
  • It provides an option to add single or multiple PST files at once for splitting.
  • It also split the archive or active PST file.
  • There is no size restriction on splitting large PST files.
  • Offers a date filter option to divide selective PST files from the Oversized PST files.

For using this tool, you need to follow the steps listed below:
Step 1. Download and Install the tool on your system.
Step 2. Add PST file and Browse the destination of resulting files.
Step 3. Select the required split options(split by Size, Date, Folder, Email ID, and Category).
Step 4. Examine the summary of Split Information and click Next.
Step 5. Hence, splitting the oversized PST files into smaller files is completed.

Finally, we have solved your query and provided you with the solution to your problem. You will definitely get the desired result if you follow the above-mentioned steps properly.
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To split an Outlook PST file, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Click on the "File" menu at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on "Account Settings" and then select "Account Settings" again from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click on the "Data Files" tab.
  5. Select the PST file that you want to split and click on "Open File Location" to find the location of the PST file on your computer.
  6. Close Outlook and make a backup copy of the PST file in case anything goes wrong during the split.
  7. Download and install a third-party PST file splitting software such as Regain PST Splitter
  8. Launch the PST splitting software and select the PST file that you want to split.
  9. Choose the split criteria such as split by size, date, or email address.
  10. Specify the size of the resulting split files or the date range for the split files.
  11. Click on the "Split" button to begin the splitting process.
  12. Once the process is completed, open Outlook and add the new PST files to your Outlook profile.
I recently encountered an issue with my Outlook PST file, which had become too huge for my Outlook storage capacity. I tried numerous methods to split the file, but none of them worked. I was depressed until one of my best friends advised me to use the Split PST tool. I was at first skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot. I'm pleased I did because the program was simple to use and easily divided my PST file. It enabled me to divide the big PST file into smaller segments based on my requirements. I was also able to see the PST file before dividing it, which provided me with a piece of mind. I was especially amazed by the tool's quickness. It was really quick and finished the job in no time. I didn't have to wait long for the procedure to be finished. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the Softaken Split PST tool's performance. I was able to divide my PST file fast and effortlessly. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to divide a PST file but does not have Outlook.
Split an Outlook PST file without using MS Outlook with the BetaVare Split PST Tool allows you to split large Outlook PST files into as many smaller ones as you require. Use this application to split large Outlook PST files into smaller ones without changing the file structure. You can use this tool to partition emails, contacts, events, years, and folders. At the user's convenience, Outlook PST files can be split by size, year, and folder. Users merely need to create a new folder and save the created PST file to save the split Outlook PST data file. Splits an Outlook file without losing any info. This tool supports all versions of Windows OS.
Try the ToolsCrunch Mac Split PST Tool to split huge Outlook PST files with pinpoint accuracy. Non-technical and technical users easily use this application easy to use. It supports all Mac and Windows OS versions . It is simple to split all PST files into individual Outlook PST files. It classifies Outlook PST files based on their size, year, and folder. Users can quickly save the generated independent Outlook PST files to any location on their desktop. Users can also partition their ANSI and Unicode PST files. Download the free demo version of the application to discover more about its features and capabilities.