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How to add a contact form to your Blog & website using free services


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This is my candid recommendation that what every blog ,website and forum should have is a contact form so that readers can contact the writers with comments, or depending on the content of the blog, other things like questions, submitted content, or website bugs. Well, creating a contact form by yourself by just coding is a quite advanced procedure. Luckily there are several services around the internet that are willing to do this service for free that is what i will be discussing here.

1. http://www.foxyform.com/
2. http://www.emailmeform.com/
4. http://www.wibiya.com
5. http://www.freecontactform.com/
6. http://cloudcontactforms.com/

and counting. It is always wise to choose the ones with less add so as not to distract your visitors. always avoid ones with pop-up and any distracting adds. I can recommend any of this for you 'cos i have at one time or the other used them. 

Post any reliable ones you have used so that other can review and create more room for chioce

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