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how to Backup your plugins, add-ons ,settings,bookmarks and history in firefox


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This occurred to me while testing the beta version of Mozilla Firefox 14 beta I discovered it was freezing  too often and something urgent needs to done 'cos i already have tons of plugin ,  installed add-on , bookmarks , saved password , extension and many important settings I can't afford to loose.

Even if you are to format your computer and needs back up your bookmarks , installed add -on and personal customization & settings you just follow this simple step to backup every of your personal settings in Mozilla Firefox.

download mozbackup from http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/
Mozbackup is a fairly Lightweight Application that lets you completely back up your Firefox add-ons , plugin , bookmarks and settings in less than a minute.
With Mozbackup you can :
Back up all your Bookmarks in One go : Sure you can back up your Firefox Bookmarks from ?Organize Bookmarks?>Export Bookmarks? and Save the Bookmarks as an Html File and later import it.But the problem is that when you restore,you have to manually arrange all the Bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar.This can be irritating if you have Bookmarks spread across a large number of Folders.But Mozbackup is neat and Simple.Just restore the profile and The Bookmark toolbar is back again as it was.

Back up all the Installed Plugins & Add-ons : When you Reinstall Firefox you do not need to Install all your Addons Again.The Back up file will take care of it.With Mozbackup you not only Backup your Important Addons but also backup the data associated with them as well.

Back up your Saved passwords and Usernames : This is a Time saver expecially when you have dozen Usernames and passwords saved in your Firefox profile.

How to Use your Firefox Settings with all your Addons in another Computer

ust backup your Firefox Settings using Mozbackup and Carry The backup file and Mozbackup in your USB.Now when you are in another Computer follow these steps :

1.Backup the Default profile of the Firefox already installed.

2.Restore your Custom Firefox profile and use it.Like you can Capture pages with Scrapbook,save delicious Bookmarks etc etc.

3.When you have finished using it back up the Profile again and save it in your USB.This is your updated Firefox profile.You may wish to mount it in your PC as this one is the most Updated and may Contain Important data.

4.Finally mount the default Profile that you backed up in step 1 using Mozbackup.This is Important as leaving your Firefox Profile in another Machine may expose Your Usernames and passwords.Do not overlook this step.

Remember: MOZbackup is not a Software that You need to Install anyway.So even if you don?t have the Installation permissions Over another PC you can Still backup Firefox profiles.

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