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To do this you have to make some settings with your phone. First of all you have to set up your tcp settings. In your BlackBerry menu go to => Options - Advanced Options - TCP and enter your APN information for your GSM Service. You can find TCP APN settings in the list below.

When you finish the settings you need a browser to surf the net. The best one is Opera Mini Browser Which can be downloaded from http://www.operamini.com/download . Use you desktop manager application to install it via usb cable or download the Opera Browser to your BlackBerry and in the Opera Browser menu you go through automatic network setup. Once the Opera Browser finds out your settings you are ready to surf the net from you BlackBerry for free. (Excluding standard connection charges from your GSM service provider)

TCP APN LIST (source http://blackberryforums.pinstack.com/360-tcp_apn_wap_gateway_port_carrier.html )

Old AT&T Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: proxy

Bell Mobility

Gateway IP:

Port: 9203

Cellular One (Option 1)

APN: cellular1wap
Cellular One (Option 2)

APN: blackberry.net

Cellular One (Option 3)

Gateway =

port = 9201

APN: blackberry.net

Cincinnati Bell

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: wap.gocbw.com

username: cbw

Cingular (modem compatible)

Gateway IP: ?

Port: ?

APN: isp.cingular

Username: [email protected]

Password: CINGULAR1

Cingular (March 05)

APN: wap.cingular

Username for APN: [email protected]

Password for APN: cingular1

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9203

Cingular 2

Gateway IP:

Port: 9203

APN: blackberry.net

O2 (Germany)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: wap.viaginterkorn.de

O2 (Holland)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: internet

O2 (Ireland)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: wap.dol.ie

username: gprs

password: gprs

O2 (UK)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: wap.o2.co.uk

username: o2wap

password: password


Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: blackberry.net

T-Mobile (UK) 1

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: general.t-mobile.uk

T-Mobile (UK) 2

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: blackberry.net

T-Mobile (Germany)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: wap.t-dl.de

T-Mobile (US) 1

Gateway IP: ?

Port: ?

APN: internet2.voicestream.com

T-Mobile (US) 2

APN: wap.voicestream.com

Username for APN: (blank)

Password for APN: (blank)

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9201

Telefonica Movil

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN wap.movistar.es


Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: telstra.internet

TIM (Italy)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: wap.tim.it

Verizon 1

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

Verizon 2

Gateway IP:

Port 9203

Verizon 3

APN: No configuration needed

Username for APN: No configuration needed

Password for APN: No configuration needed

WAP Gateway IP:

WAP Gateway Port: 9203

Vodafone (NL)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: blackberry.vodafone.nl

username: vodafone

Password: vodafone

Vodafone (Spain)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: airtelwap.es

username: [email protected]

password: wap125

Vodafone (UK)

Gateway IP:

Port: 9201

APN: wap.vodafone.uk

username: [email protected]

password: user

Special note Verizon and AllTel subscribers

Due to the unavailability of public accessible BlackBerry gateways by Verizon and Alltel you will need to seek a 3rd party BlackBerry provision provider. We have successfully tested MobileWeb4U.com service. For more information on how to apply for this service and pricing please visit http://www.mobileweb4u.com/

List of International Carriers' APNs (Access points) <hr style="color: rgb(192, 192, 192);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> The access point (APN) will vary depending on your country and carrier; here's a list of International Internet access points:

*The format is a little off due to restrictions in uploading preformating.

Country Carrier APN

Argentina Personal gprs.personal.com

Argentina Unifon internet.gprs.unifon.com.ar

Australia Telstra telstra.internet

Australia Optus internet

Australia Three 3netaccess

Australia Vodafone internet

Austria Max Online gprsinternet

Austria One wap.one.at

Belgium Orange orangeinternet

Belgium Mobistar web.pro.be

Belgium Proximus internet.proximus.be

Bermuda AT&T proxy

Bermuda Mobility net.bm

Brazil Claro claro.com.br

Brazil Oi gprs.oi.com.br

Brazil TIM tim.br

Bulgaria Mobiltel (Mtel) inet-gprs.mtel.bg

Canada Fido internet.fido.ca

Canada Rogers AT&T internet.com

Chile Entel PCS imovil.entelpcs.cl


Chile Telefonica GSM web.tmovil.cl

China China Mobile cmnet

Croatia VIPNET gprs.vipnet.hr

Czech Republic Eurotel internet

Czech Republic Oskar internet

Czech Republic Oskar prepaid cards ointernet

Czech Republic T-Mobile internet.t-mobile.cz

Denmark TDCmobil internet

Denmark Orange web.orange.dk

Eygpt Vodafone internet.vodafone.net

Dominican Republic Orange Dominicana orangenet.com.do

Finland Telia Mobile internet

Finland DNA internet

Finland Sonera internet

Finland Radiolinja internet

Finland Saunalahti saunalahti

France Orange orange.fr

France SFR websfr

France Bouygues Telecom eBouygTel.com

Germany D2 Vodafone web.vodafone.de

Germany E-Plus internet.eplus.de

Germany O2 internet

Germany Quam quam.de

Germany T-Mobile D1 internet.t-d1.de

Greece Vodafone internet.vodafone.gr

Greece Telestet gint.b-online.gr

Greece Cosmote internet

Hungary Vodafone (Prepaid "Optimized") vitamax.internet.vodafone.net

Hungary Vodafone (Prepaid "Standard") vitamax.snet.vodafone.net

Hungary Vodafone (Postpaid "Optimized") internet.vodafone.net

Hungary Vodafone (Postpaid "Standard") standardnet.vodafone.net

Hong Kong CSL internet

Hong Kong Orange web.orangehk.com

Hong Kong New World internet

Hong Kong People internet

Hong Kong SmarTone internet

Hong Kong Sunday internet

India Orange, Hutch www

Iceland Siminn gprs.simi.is

India BPL Mobile bplgprs.com

India Airtel airtelgprs.com

Indonesia Telkomsel internet

Ireland O2 internet

Ireland Vodafone live.vodafone.com

Israel Cellcom internetg

Israel Orange internet

Italy TIM uni.tim.it


Italy Vodafone Omnitel web.omnitel.it

Italy Wind internet.wind

Latvia Latvia Mobile Telefone internet.lmt.lv

Luxembourg LUXGSM web.pt.lu

Luxembourg Tango internet

Malaysia Celcom celcom.net.my

Mexico Movistar internet.movistar.mx

Mexico Telcel internet.itelcel.com

Montenegro Monet gprs.monetcg.com

Netherlands T-Mobile internet

Netherlands KPM Mobile internet

Netherlands Orange internet

Netherlands O2 internet

Netherlands Vodafone (normal) web.vodafone.nl

Netherlands Vodafone (business) office.vodafone.nl

New Zealand Vodafone NZ http://www.vodafone.net.nz/

Norway Netcom internet.netcom.no

Norway Telenor internet

Pakistan UFone ufone.internet

Paraguay Personal internet

Paraguay Tigo internet.tigo.py

Philippines Smart internet

Philippines Globe internet.globe.com.ph

Poland Era erainternet

Poland Idea http://www.idea.pl/

Poland PlusGSM http://www.plusgsm.pl/

Portugal Optimus internet

Portugal TMN internet

Portugal Vodafone (Telcel) internet.vodafone.pt

Romania Connex internet.connex.ro

Romania Orange internet

Russia BeeLine internet.beeline.ru

Russia Megafon internet.nw

Russia MTS internet.mts.ru

Russia PrimTel internet.primtel.ru

Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom Jawalnet.com.sa

Serbia-Montenegro Mobtel Srbija internet

Serbia-Montenegro Telekom Srbija gprsinternet

Singapore M1 sunsurf

Singapore Singtel internet

Singapore Starhub shwapint

Slovakia Eurotel internet

Slovakia Orange internet

South Africa MTN internet

Spain Amena amenawap

Spain Telefonica (Movistar) movistar.es

Spain Vodafone airtelnet

Sweden Telia online.telia.se

Sweden Vodafone SE internet.vodafone.net

Switzerland Swisscom gprs.swisscom.ch

Switzerland Orange CH internet

Switzerland sunrise internet

Switzerland UMC http://www.umc.ua/

Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom internet

Taiwan Far EasTone fetnet01

Taiwan KG Telecom internet

Taiwan Taiwan Cellular internet

Thailand AIS internet

Thailand DTAC http://www.dtac.co.th/

Turkey Avea internet

Turkey Aycell aycell

Turkey Telsim telsim

Turkey Turkcell internet

UK Jersey Telecom pepper

UK O2 mobile.o2.co.uk

UK T-Mobile general.t-mobile.co.uk

UK Vodafone UK internet

UK Orange orangeinternet

Ukraine Kyivstar GSM http://www.kyivstar.net/

Ukraine UMC http://www.umc.ua/

USA T-Mobile internet2.voicestream.com

USA AT&T proxy

USA Cingular isp.cingular

Venezuela Digital TIM gprsweb.digitel.ve

Vietnam MobiFone Mobi-gprs-wap


APN of Etisalat : etisalat
APN of MTN : web.gprs.mtnngeria.net [Username = web, Password = web)
APN of Zain : internet.ng.zain.com
APN of Globacom : gloflat (for modem) [Username = flat, Password = flat)
APN of Globacom : glowap (for wap browsers


GhanaAreeba (formerly Spacefon)internet.spacefon.com guest guest

Tigo internet.spacefon.com guest guest