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How to chose your domain name the right way.


New Techie
So you want to open a site right? And what's the first thing you want to do?
Well of course get a domain name. And that's more of a hassle than you can imagine.

So in this guide I will give you some points to follow for a good domain purchase.

The To Do List:

  • Name
  • TLD extention
  • Price


For a domain, the most important thing is the name. If you can create a catchy name you are on your way. For example, you want to make a forum about cars, and for it the best domain name would be carforum.com , but what if that is occupied?
Well then you have to use a bit of creativity and create a more specific name. Keep in mind that the domain name helps with SEO as well. So for our name we have to keep car in the name, while forum is a maybe. So how would we create a new domain name??

There are multiple ways, from researching keywords to using a creative method of thinking to create it. I usually go for the second one and think of a lot of domains that either rhyme or are easy to remember. For example carf.com would be a great domain, it is short and has everything the visitor needs to know about your forum.
BestCarForum.com or BCF for short. That could be a huge plus for your visitors. Most of my sites can be shortened and sound still ok in English.

TLD Extension

There are over 15 extensions now besides the .com, .net, .org and .info. But are they worth buying? Well rarely you will need to use another extension besides those for + .co , most others are very specific, but the thing is most people still distrust them.
It feels sometimes weird going to a site called yourinterestes.site or yourinterests.shop, it just seems weird, hence try to always get a .com first and then any other one if the .com is not available.


A quick tip I learned in my whole online webmaster activities, buy 2 years, always. It is way cheaper to buy it for 2 years than just one.

I hope this helped, if you have any questions let me know.


Informed Techie
There are some circumstances that you follow while choosing your Domain Name. These are
  • Name
  • Extension
  • Lastly, Price
you can also check prices on several providers, and select one of them as per your budget. You can also try for the expired domain, and restore their pages from waybackmachine.