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How to convert microsoft documents to pdf


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If you would like to convert a pdf file to Microsoft word document, you can get this done easily by using zamzar free online document conversion service. I use this alot to convert ebooks I have permission to edit, to microsoft documents.

In this post, I am sharing with you how to use zamzar.com, a free online file converter to convert .pdf files to .doc files.


==> Go to www.zamzar.com on your PC

==> Use the "Browse" button to select the pdf file you want to convert

==> Choose the format you want to convert to. In this instance, you choose "doc" as seen in the picture below:


==> Enter your email address and click convert.

==> After some minutes, check your email inbox and you should receive an email from zamzar.com

==> Click the download link in the email to download the converted file.

You should now be able to open the file with your doc editor

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