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How to Customize the Samsung Omnia to Look Like an iPhone


The Samsung Omnia has access to thousands of free and paid applications via the Windows Phone Marketplace, including themes that can alter the layout of the device. Download an iPhone theme for the Samsung Omnia, such as "iScreen", "IphoneSkin" or "Fake iphone", to mimic the look of an Apple smartphone. Some applications available in the Windows Phone Marketplace only serve to display a fake iPhone home screen and have no functional icons, while others are working themes that allow you to access your applications.

1. Tap the "Marketplace" icon from the Samsung Omnia's start screen to access the Windows Phone Marketplace. The icon is designated by an image of a shopping bag.
2. Press the smartphone's "Search" key, designated by a magnifying glass, to open a text box.
3. Tap inside the text box to bring up the touchscreen keyboard.
4. Type "iPhone themes" in the box and press the magnifying glass icon next to the text box on the touchscreen.
5. Select the desired application from the list of search results to view the application's Marketplace page.
6. Tap "Buy" for a paid app or "Install" for a free app, as prompted, to install the application to your Samsung Omnia.
7. Tap the application's icon from the device's app screen to open it, and choose the option to set it as the default theme if it is fully functional.

Tips & Warnings

Paid Windows Phone Marketplace applications are automatically added to your phone bill. Tap "Change Payment Method" on the purchase confirmation page if you would rather pay with a credit card.
Carefully read the descriptions of iPhone theme applications to determine if they are fully functional or simply a novelty.
Downloading applications requires the transfer of data. Be aware of any limits associated with your service provider's data plan to avoid any additional data charges.