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How to fix issues with WP.me Shortlinks, jetpack on new domain


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It just occurred to me to share this tips 'cos one or two persons are going to find it very useful.

No doubt, jetpack plugin from automatic (Wordpress.com owners) is one of the most widely used plugin around today.

before now it used to be somehow bloated but not anymore. I was having my self-hosted wordpress blog installed on a url I no longer use.

After migrating the blog to a new domain name i was still have links shortened by the "WP.me Shortlinks" module that comes with jetpack redirecting users to my old domain name.

The Fix 

Since I normally do share my post on twitter using the shortened url, I had no alternative than correcting this bug.

All I did was; disconnect jetpack from wordpress.com and reconnect again to have everything fixed.

Disconnecting and reconnecting again to wordpress.com ensures that your new url is updated in their database.

Hope this ends up helping some other persons.   

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