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How to manually root any htc android phone


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Today, i'll be sharing with you on How you can root htc desire android manually using software.

Below are the instructions to Follow:

=>Download and install the htc desire android rooting application into your htc desire android phone "http://www.mediafire.com/file/mhotxoykxi2/r3-tinycore_2.10-desireroot.iso.001">Here.

1.After downloading and installing the htc desire android rooting software, Convert your microSD card into a gold card by following the instructions here: 

2.Burn the I S O image to a bootable CD and boot on your PC from it. better still, you can use a virtualization software called VMWare Player.

3.At the next page, you will be prompted to load linux, When prompted to load the Linux info, press Enter/OK and click the monitor icon at the bottom of the screen to open a popup terminal window.

4. Then switch off your HTC Desire android and switch it back on by holding down the back button.

5.At the next step, a fastboot alert might popup requesting some.......When you see the FASTBOOT popup in you htc Desire android screen, all you have to do is to Connect it to your Computer and enter the following commands in bold text in the terminal window: sudo mkdir/mnt/cdrom sudo mount /dev/cdrom/mnt/cdromcd/mnt/cdrom/root sudo./step1.sh.

6. Now scroll and navigate to bOOTLOADER using the optical trackball.

....to be continued, from no 7 till to the end of this post contains link. due to spamming, i don't wan't to include the link but you can visit my blog at http://www.otechguide.com
for the full guide.

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