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how to restore factory settings on samsung galaxy


New Techie
1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy
phone and wait for 18-22
2. After Step 1, hold down the
volume up key followed by the
power on.
3. Next, use the vol+up/vol-down
key to select Enter recovery then
press power on key. At this point,
Your Samsung Galaxy phone will
auto restart and show the
android logo icon.
4. Now hold down the power on/
off + volume up key.
5. Then Select the wipe data/
factory reset tab on same screen
and press power on/off key.
6. At this point, all you have to do
is to Select ?Yes? then tap the
power key.
After that, Your Samsung Galaxy
Should Start formatting(erasing all
manual contents. i.e, contents you
installed yourself).
After Formating has be done
Successful, Wait for Your Samsung
Galaxy phone to reboot itself,
after rebooting, your Samsung
Galaxy has now been Reset to it?s
Original Factory Status.