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How to run flash or chat without flash on your iphone / ipad


De Techizard
This is one thing apple never supported and will never support it even in the future as adobe have already stopped developing flash player for mobile devices as they claimed it isn't secured.

Despite this just Last  week i found a work-around on how run, open websites, charting and registering on websites that needs flash player to run correctly using a html 5 based app mobile browser known as skyfire .

Appart from skyfire there are many more free application you can use to run flash player comfortably on your iphone , ipod touch and even ipad but they have to be jail broken firstly. So the good thing about skyfire is that you can actually run it on apple devices that aren't jail-broken.

If you need more alternative to skyfire or maybe cheaper and even free option just show interest by replying to this post, otherwise I recommend you use skyfire