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how to run / play Java Games/application On your Computer


De Techizard
1. Simply Download The java emulating platform app from this link or this link .

2. Then extract the content to your pc because it is in Zip format. Open the folder and run Kemulator.exe .

3. Then download the java games / application (.jar) you want to play to your system.

4. navigate to midlet then to Load jar or Load, then locate and select the game /application you will like to play from the list of games / application  you have downloaded or already have in your computer .

5. Enjoy your java games / app with pc experience .


New Techie
I've been using Java for years and it is used for many great games and websites. However, it has tendency to be vulnerable to security issues and often lands my laptop with a virus which is why I end up removing it until I need it for a program. It also hinders computer load speed and well generally it could do with improvements. However it is still a great piece of software so I can run any Java programs. Finally, thanks for the tutorial and I am sure many users will take full advantage of it. :)