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How to send Anonymous Mail to anyone|Set up your own server


Everyone Like to send Anonymous Mail to your enemy or friend or teacher.  Here is the Hacking tutorial for you to implement that.  So i hope This will be best hack for you.

What is the Use?
  I explained you in my older post how to get ip address.  To get the ip address you need to send the mail with link.  So You can send mail to your victim with that link such that you are contacting from an organization.

For Eg:
You can say we are from Facbook,we have new feature to enable the feature visit this page.

How to do?

Step 1:
First of all you need to register in free web hosting service which has PHP feature.  So my choice is

Step 2:
Now Download this zip file:

Inside the file you can find the mail.php file. Extract the file

Step 3:
Now Go to x10hosting.com and login with your username and password.
Upload the "mail.php" file to "public_html" folder.

Step 4:
That's all you finished.
Now go to this page
Change the yourhosturl with your website url which you gave it when you register in x10hosting.com
For eg:

Usually the default will be "name.x10.mx"

When you visit you will see the form just like this:

Fill the form with your victim mail address and message subject and send

    Don't give your details in the sender field.
Just fill with any organization name.
For Eg:

        If you have any doubts or want to say thanks,please comment me


set_time_limit(0) = Off (Working
time is limited with the current
settings of the server)

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