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How to unlock or remove restrictions in PDF document?


PDF documents is being great resource for information .  Almost all ebooks and other documents will be in PDF.  But if the PDF is restricted to edit or copy, it will irritate.  For example if you are gathering information for Paper presentation, sometime authors restrict to copy.  So you may not gather good information.  So today i am going to give two methods to break the restrictions of PDF.

Online Method :
Free PDF Unlock Online Utility is a web site that allows us to unlock the whole process online. Simply click on Browse and Submit your site to process your file and show you a copy of this release:

Offline Method:
It works by removing passwords that restrict access in two areas. One is for passwords that restrict some functions such as printing copying and pasting. The second is any password that might prevent you from accessing or opening a PDF file.


Active Techie
Many authors like to set restrictions to secure their PDF eBooks, as these PDF security settings prevent others from stealing or tempering with their works by editing, copying or printing them. This is reasonable; copyright should be respected. However, in some occasions, PDF files that do not involve copyright are secured for some unknown reasons, which make us inconvenient.

Once my friend sent me a very nice poem in PDF format. However, it is encrypted by PDF Owner Password, which neither allowed me to quote lines by copying and pasting nor to print it out for class discussion. This really freaked me out. The poem is sure not protected by copyright as it's an ancient one. Fortunately, the friend recommended me AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover later on. The application helps me resolve the problem by removing PDF security. Here I would like to share the details.

Steps to Remove PDF Security
Step 1: Download and Install the software
Click the Download button of this PDF security remover product page to download the application and then install it on your computer. The process will cost you several minutes
1. Click Add Files? to import PDF files to the main control panel.
2. Set the destination folder to save your unlocked PDF file in the footer of the control panel.
3. Click Start button to launch the decryption process.

Besides, the program supports right-click conversion. You can right click your encrypted PDF file and select Decrypted with AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover. Then this action will remove security from PDF immediately. Of course, you need to select the function when installing the program.

So, just follow the tips above to remove PDF security, all the encrypted PDF problems will be resolved briefly.

Note: AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover is only for Windows users.


Nice tip... To search for only pdf file or specify your filetype in google, here is a trick you can use: In the search bar type: "filetype:pdf name-of-pdf-file" (without qoutes) then you hit enter. Enjoy.


New Techie
To Unlock and remove PDF permission or password security is not so easy, I had received a file from my client and he said he forgot the password. I did a quick search and came across to guide for removing the PDF password security/restrictions. This program PDF Decrypt did the job for me. It is free for some bypassing some of the password restrictions and may cost you for some but it works perfect for you. With it you can easily print, copy and modify this PDF File.


New Techie
If you are looking for a tool that unlocks PDF files, download Softaken PDF Unlocker Tool to unlock PDF Passwords and Remove restrictions from PDF documents This tool removes PDF Copy, edit, print restrictions and allow you to copy, edit and print PDF documents. You can also remove PDF passwords and reset a new password on PDF documents.