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How To Use MTN Bis To Browse On Android Smartphones Through Droid VPN

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How To Use MTN Bis To Browse On Android Smartphones Through Droid VPN

Has your MTN Bis stopped functioning on your android smartphones? Mine did stop and I was kinda devasted about it because the MTN Bis is a little bit cheaper than the rest of the bundles known to me and besides that, it has the strongest network signal in my area.

However, in a search for means to how to get back online with my android device using the MTN Bis to browse the internet, I stumbled upon a way to go round about it!

Myself and some other network goons are already enjoying this!

How much? #5000? #2000? #1000? Nah! I am giving you this one for FREE like I always do as they say, "there's love in sharing"!!

In this post, I will teach you How To Use MTN Bis To Browse On Android Smartphones Through Droid VPN

Please Note: You cant use more than 100mb/ day worth of data on droid vpn because you are just a free user and also this tip is being noticed to work only for rooted smartphones only.

If you need help in rooting your android smartphone, follow this links http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=835777 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF0zCdddHMg

Now let's get down to biz

Requirements Needed To Use The MTN Bis On Smartphone

1: Visit Google Play and download tun.koinstaller

2: Visit google play store to download Droid VPN

3. MTN Bis Settings on android devices

4. A rooted android smartphone

5. Working internet connection
Steps To Browsing With The MTN Bis On Android

Step 1: Visit Goole play and download  tun.koinstaller

Step 2: Open tun.ko, hit the highlighted boxes and then go ahead and install completely. You need to be connected to the internet because the tun.ko will have to download modules for your android smartphone

Step 3: Visit google play store or Download Droid VPN here

Step 4: Activate your droid vpn account by registering a username and any other step

Step 5: Go to droid vpn settings, click on connection protocol and be sure to select ICMP

Step 6: Open droid VPN and connect

Make sure you have an active BIS plan

Step 7: Once connected, head to any browser of your choice and browse all the way!

Hope this goes a long way in helping you get high on excess facebooking, twitter, studying, whatever you use the internet for.

You can read more tips and tech news updates on wesaytech.com


I tried all you ve written here but the droid vpn keeps telling me connection time out, pls is there any other method to browse with bis subscription with my android phone? or is there any other latest method to activate the so called mtn magic sim cos its seems to be the only one i enjoyed.



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DroidVPN now rocks again with MTN , no need for bis works with 0.0#

Open your droidvpn

Enter settings

Connection mode TCP

Tcp port 5222

Scroll down and bind local port to 1110

Select a free server and connect

Downside is that it selects sim so I advice you use 128k sim, if it doesn't work then try a 32k sim....

Drop any complaints

Source - www.vicwapblog.com

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