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How to write quality content for a blog.


New Techie
Research - research your topics, find out what sells to you and others and then try to figure out a way to recreate them for your products and blog. Also research what SEO tactic works.

Grammar - make sure your grammar is on point, don't mess it up, or you'll have a lot of comments about it.

Market - I know this has nothing to do with the creation of content, but how can you get any feedback if no one reads it?
Well that's why you have to promote your blog.


Informed Techie
An easy method to writing quality Content:
  • Write a Head-Turning Headline
  • Create a Hook That Grabs Their Attention
  • Do Your Research
  • Focus on a Single Purpose
  • Write in a Unique Voice
  • Optimize Digital Content
  • Edit Your Work

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